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My TE71 with 9Tro Magazine

Take a photo with 9Tro Magazine MY TE71 sedan I’m tried to install the logo DOHC and C (C it’s means corolla Series) on the Grill.   KE70 Wagon with YAKIMA Rack.   AE86 Trueno swap engine to F20C from Honda S2000.   Honda NSX-R and NSX-R Spoon.   NISSAN 350Z Ferrari 355 Challenge […]

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My TE71

My 80’s retro car. TOYOTA COROLLA TE71 sedan 8,131 total views, 3 views today

8,131 total views, 3 views today

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Toyota corolla ke70 wagon and te71 replica (ke70 sedan) 5doors 1980 with 13″ SSR Mk.II , 4doors 1982 with 14″ SSR XR-4 Same styles but different version. West yokohama front spoiler. te71 Replica 1982 after version ke70 wagon 1980 before version Photo by Pena. 12,021 total views, 6 views today

12,021 total views, 6 views today

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Corolla KE70 Wagon

This picture taken with my brother Corolla KE70 wagon JDM spec find more detail about this car at format69’s site. 22,811 total views, 9 views today

22,811 total views, 9 views today

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My Scale Model TE71

Scale model TE71 from aoshima, SSR longchamp from aoshima and fujimi

Scale model “TOYOTA Corolla TE71 1600GT” from Aoshima scale 1/24 & Hellaflush wheels SSR longchamp XR-4, Watanabe Type R from Aoshima and Fujimi Rims SSR longchamp XR-4 Hellaflush Wheels collection : Watanabe Type R from aoshima and fujimi, SSR Longchamp from Aoshima and fujimi. Are you hellaflush? Scale model TE71 from aoshima, SSR longchamp from […]

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GT DOHC badge

Some badges in my collection for my toyota corolla te71 sedan. GT badge front grill TOYOTA Sprinter E-7 GT DOHC trunk badge form JDM E-7 GT DOHC¬†trunk badge from corolla E-7 GT Trunk badge from AE101 TRD metal badge Official Sticker TRD 9,474 total views, 5 views today

9,474 total views, 5 views today

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My TE71 with West Yokohama front spoiler

Installed “West Yokohama” front spoiler. 6,318 total views, 2 views today

6,318 total views, 2 views today

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TE71 Replica Project

1982 TOYOTA COROLLA TE71 sedan Original body from KE70 sedan GL grade (Grand Luxury) Version Thailand Domestic machine transfer to TE71 sedan GT grade. For detail look at specification area. Body Dimension L:4225 x W:1610 x H:1395 mm. Whellbase : 2400 mm. Overhang : F:1320 mm. R:1335 mm. Ride Height : 120 mm. Weight : […]

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